Sunday, 13 April 2014

Photoshop Rounded Rectangles and Bender From Futurama

futurama Bender
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Photoshop Nut : Eric Renno

I recently created this Bender from Futurama as an exercise for a live class and posted the result on line. There was some interest so I thought I'd share it with all my TipSquirrel friends.

As mentioned in the video, the file is available, with all the finished layers and guides. You'll find it beneath the video in the 'Media locker' at (All this is is a way to share the post and keep the content free to all.)

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Lightroom Mobile Quick Setup Guide

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Photoshop Nut : Michael Hoffman 

Lightroom Mobile
As you may have noticed, Adobe has just released Lightroom 5.4, along with the new Lightroom Mobile for iPad. Lightroom mobile extends your workflow beyond the desktop, and onto your iPad, where you can review, rate and even edit your images, and have the changes synchronized automatically back to your main catalog.

Lightroom uses the Creative Cloud storage services as the hub for this synchronization, and as a result, you must be a member of one of the subscription services for this to work, including any of the Creative Cloud plans, or the Photoshop Photography Program.

The iPad app is completely free, so this is just another benefit of the Creative Cloud subscription. Lightroom Mobile uses Collections as the basis for synchronization, so make sure you are familiar with using Collections in Lightroom to support this workflow.

Setting up Lightroom Mobile isn’t very difficult, but there are a few things that must be done in the proper sequence for it to work. Let’s step through the basics of getting things rolling.

First, download the new programs

You’ll need to download and install the new update for Lightroom 5.4 for your desktop. You can find it here:
You’ll also want to download Lightroom Mobile for iPad. You can find it here:
Once you’ve completed the downloads, you’re ready to move on.

Next, configure Lightroom on the Desktop

When you start Lightroom 5.4, you’ll notice a change where the Identity plate used to be. Now, there’s a new identity section with a place for you to configure your settings with Lightroom Mobile.

Lightroom Mobile - 01

Clicking the link to “Get started with Lightroom mobile” beings up a menu with a selection to enable you to sign in with your Adobe ID:

  Lightroom Mobile - 02

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